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reform are. bret: does senator cornyn's part about if its was george w. bush that asked for e-mails, it would have been -- >> look, i'm not as sanguine as my colleagues on this. the first amendment says that congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech, now, however, the president will collect e-mails that contain fishy disinformation. i mean, that's orwelian language that you get out of hugo chavez when he shuts down 100 radio stations. i don't think there is a conspiracy of collecting ip addresses but a white house ought not be collecting disinformation. even that language is language in america that we don't use. it is a language of dictators, and the tactic here is chicago-style politics. it is disgraceful. bret: i would never describe you as sanguine, certainly not on this show. mahmoud ahmadinejad is sworn in as a iranian president for a
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>> nobody in iran is waiting for your congratulations. the ir iranian nation does not give congratulations to your smiles. >> the president is reaching out in order to ensure they don't develop a nuclear he weapons program. those will continue to be our goals. >> does the administration recognize that ahmadinejad is the legitimate president of iran? >> he is the elected leader. bret: robert gibbs creghtded that today "let me correct a little bit of what i said yesterday. i denoted that mr. ahmadinejad
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watt was the elected leader of iran. obviously, the iranian people still have questions about that and we will let them decide that. " we're back with the panel. charles. >> well, that was a kingsleyian gaffe in which a politician speaks the truth, or at least as he understands it. it is not the truth about iran itself. the guy who was sworn in today is not elected. it was a fraudulent election. everybody knows t however, it reflects what the administration wants in iran. it wants him in power t did not want the demonstrations. it is somewhat a nuisance and it got in the way of the grand scheme of negotiations in which obama sweet talks iran out of its nukes, which is in and of itself harebrained and naive and now it is collapsing around him. it was dishonorable, our lack of support of dem state tores in the street who were being shot in the name of democracy. now, on top of dishonor is failure. we are not going to have negotiations with this guy after the fraudulent
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elections, and we are at a dead-end of a policy which was harebrained at the beginning and has nowhere to go right now. bret: we occasionally still get videos that seep out of iran of protests and some of them show protests being put down. >> obviously ahmadinejad is more ill legitimate and discredited than he was, when as a candidate, barack obama said he would negotiate without pre-conditions and it makes it very difficult for him. he gave benjamin netanyahu and the israelis a deadline by the end of the year -- he gave iran a deadline when he was visiting here several months back by the end of the year. now i literally do not think the administration knows what to do, because they're dealing with the supreme leader who validated ahmadinejad's election, and under mousavi, they weren't going to get a hold of a nuclear program either. progress on the nuclear program will continue. the obama administration is in
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a pivotal moment where they don't want to have those negotiations and i don't think they know what to say about it. >> >> the administration said that we're going to give iran a chance to respond positively to the offers obama first made as a candidate back in july 2007 for unconditional negotiations. until the general assembly meets, which is september 15, five weeks and six days from now, it's not a lot of time left. i agree with charles. what has really struck me about the president in this and members of this administration is the the stoney indifference to these people that are demonstrating for freedom and for democracy, many of them for a change to this genuinely evil regime that shot a young woman like neda. he has been the status quo of destruction and despair.
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>> the only option is in congress of a gasoline embargo which would truly hurt iran. it has a lot of crude but doesn't have refined gasoline t would be a dangerous risky step which might involve a blockade. whether obama would do it or not, i don't know, but if he doesn't, he has got nothing. bret: that's it for the panel. stay tuned to see how confusing the healthcare debate has become. . a
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bret: finally tonight, we told you earlier the white house is very concerned about video clips beings edited or just taken out of context when it comes to the president's stance on health care reform. but our friends at nbc apparently found this clip on the white house website. >> a message from the president. >> today i want to tell you that under our plan, you won't get to choose your doctor, period. end of story. and i've made a firm commitment to eliminate health insurance altogether.
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thanks. >> that was a message from the president. bret: pretty clear. that's "special report" for this time. the only place you will get the

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